NetBeans platform plug-in – new file type & multi tab

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In my degree program I have a module called industrial training program which I have to follow 6 months in an IT organization in order to get familiar with industries and this module helps to build a strong relationship with industry. And I had a chance to work with NetBeans platform when I was worked in a software company as an intern. Knowledge transfer is one of the main activity in IT organization – share their knowledge with others so I believe that by expressing thing I learnt as a post will help others as well as to me also after some time back.

When I was there I developed a NetBeans plug-in that convert the application as a NetBeans plug-in which provides same functionalities that available in the existing tool.  So this post and the coming posts will talk about the implementation I made while I develop the plug-in. here I’m not gonna describe everything from scratch and I believe that you people have some basic knowledge abut NetBeans platform and plug-in development. If you want get the basic knowledge you can follow NetBeans platform site. Actually what I’m gonna write here is, the small problems I face while developing the plug-in. And that would be the problems you may be faced and searching for the solution.

In this post I attached a small NetBeans plug-in module that create a new file with .abc extension and open it as an xml editor. This is the very basic implementation in new file type module and in future I will post, how we can add additional feature to this module. Maily i will focus on Multi View Elements like Source and Design.

There is lot of tutorials available, just have a look and get basic knowledge. .

Sample code available here

Here I used NetBeans 6.8 IDE + java 1.6