New way to get first class

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Just for FUN . . .

I’m almost in the end of my training program and on the way to my final year of my degree program. Last week, at our training place we had a hot discussion about our Grade Point Average(GPA) and how can we raise our GPA in order to get first class (need GPA >= 3.7).

Everyone started to calculate their GPA, after a rocked mathematical calculation we found required GPA and the GPA we have to score in the final year to get an over roll GPA 3.7. Some of my friends said, they need 3.9, 4.1 and ect. Now my turn to reveal the ultimate required GPA. It’s more than 4.20001 😉 (didn’t like to damage my image 🙂 by saying  >5.0) where the maximum reachable  GPA is 4.2. Everyone laugh but I never worry because Impossible is Nothing. While everyone gets maximum GPA of 4.2, I want to put a top margin by achieving a highest GPA of 5.2, forever – may be Guinness World Records .

Like my previous GSOC failure research, I did a research on this issue and found a formula . . .

formula –>   required GPA disproportional to credits  —> GPA ∝ 1/credits  🙂

According o the formula the research results are,

Increase the GPA – very very difficult task

  • Give some donation to University (please note that it’s not BLACK MONEY).
  • Create a fake student(not FACEBOOK) account and add them together.
  • Introduce our pals GPA calculator – 1000% accurate  😦

Increase the credits – easy task

  • Use my monkey brain and steel the credit from others.
  • Enroll all the available subjects even agriculture, law and BOOK subjects.
  • Use my credit card to add more credit to my student account.

Headache forced me to post this post 🙂 – wasted 1 hour 🙂


NetBeans platform plug-in – new file type & multi tab

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In my degree program I have a module called industrial training program which I have to follow 6 months in an IT organization in order to get familiar with industries and this module helps to build a strong relationship with industry. And I had a chance to work with NetBeans platform when I was worked in a software company as an intern. Knowledge transfer is one of the main activity in IT organization – share their knowledge with others so I believe that by expressing thing I learnt as a post will help others as well as to me also after some time back.

When I was there I developed a NetBeans plug-in that convert the application as a NetBeans plug-in which provides same functionalities that available in the existing tool.  So this post and the coming posts will talk about the implementation I made while I develop the plug-in. here I’m not gonna describe everything from scratch and I believe that you people have some basic knowledge abut NetBeans platform and plug-in development. If you want get the basic knowledge you can follow NetBeans platform site. Actually what I’m gonna write here is, the small problems I face while developing the plug-in. And that would be the problems you may be faced and searching for the solution.

In this post I attached a small NetBeans plug-in module that create a new file with .abc extension and open it as an xml editor. This is the very basic implementation in new file type module and in future I will post, how we can add additional feature to this module. Maily i will focus on Multi View Elements like Source and Design.

There is lot of tutorials available, just have a look and get basic knowledge. .

Sample code available here

Here I used NetBeans 6.8 IDE + java 1.6

Which Linux distribution you will suggest for a Linux newie ?

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Everyone love computer . , ,

One of the main secret of computer is Operation System(OS) but how many people really think about OS when they buy a new computer. We always focus on hardware performance and never thing why do we need high performance? / why do we need to spend too much money to buy a OS ?(  not for pirate copy users 🙂 ). There are many reason behind this but main reasons are user friendliness and beauty of the OS.

Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS and Linux are the most used OS in computers. Now the world goes behind the Open Source and the one and only Open Source OS within the list is Linux. But most of the folks afraid to jump into Open Source world from close source room.

Some of the Linux Distribution screen shots .. ..

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Here i made a poll – Which Linux distribution you will suggest for a Linux newie ?

😉 Go for Linux and save money 😉

Animated Optical Illusions –

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Really amazing work 😉    …  makes me wondering   :)..

MPTT on WordPress – Programming Project – Plug-in

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During my third year I developed a plug-in that applies the MPTT technique to WordPress CMS (it is a GSoC 2009 idea from WordPress – . I did it as a project for a subject called program project. If we want to add more functionalities to WordPress then it can be done in two ways, implement the code inside the WordPress core or add the implementation as a plug-in. It was a hard thing to deal with WordPress core so I developed it as a plug-in by dividing the project into two parts.

MPTT technique is a great algorithm . . . to get more details refer this site

1. Applying the MPPTT technique to WordPress database –  here i added new fields lft and rgt  to some of the WordPress database table – wp_post, wp_comment. By rearranging the database i can convert the database into tree structure(MPTT) and this tree structure will be useful in the 2nd step.

2.  Showing the contents of WordPress using MPTT – The best way to handle this is to modify the WordPress core but dealing with wordpress core is very hard so i planned to provide a new template that apply the MPTT technique and display the contents of the blog. This new template is not the perfect one but it shows most of the contents(posts and comments) correctly using MPTT technique.

To check it visit or

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some of the progress documents(RUP) i used to develop the plug-in . . .

  • Project Development Case Document
  • System Requirement Specification
  • System Architecture and Design
  • Weekly Report 1
  • Weekly Report 2
  • Weekly Report 3
  • Weekly Report 4
  • Weekly Report 5
  • Weekly Report 6
  • Weekly Report 7
  • 🙂

    Beautiful Sri Lanka – Amaya Lake

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    Sri Lanka is one of the most beautiful place in the world. i don’t know how many people agree with this but i agree with 100% . Most of the people go to foreign countries to spend their holiday. I think the reason may be – they are not aware of beauty of Sri Lanka.

    Last week we  had a trip to Amaya Lake –  one of the greatest entertainment place i never seen before 😉 . It was organized by IFS and i’m an intern at IFS so i also got a chance to have a great time with IFS people at Amaya Lake.

    We had a lot of fun activities . . .  New year games, Cricket, baseball, Swimming – i learnt to swim within two days with the help of our guys 🙂  . . .

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    Nothing gonna replace our Motherland beauty – I love Sri Lanka

    Distance lands enhancements to the view 😉 . . . . . .

    Ubuntu – In my Mother tongue – Tamil

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    I’m a big fan of Ubuntu 🙂 and i always excited about their new release – 6 months period cycle. now i’m far away from Windows 7 that doesn’t mean i’m expert in Ubuntu 😉 but i can drive Ubuntu to do my works. Ubuntu fixed my problems and it makes me comfortable so now i’m not under headache (sorry windows) :P.

    Yesterday i taught Ubuntu to write Tamil ;)so it display everything(almost) in Tamil. The Tamil words are soooooo fun

    Have a try