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Read my blog in Tamil 🙂

Tamil is one of the beautiful langue in the world but most of the time the people involved in IT field or in higher position not using their mother language frequently even communicate with same mother language person.

There many be some reason for that,,, OK just leave it … Ohhh know i forgot the reason for this post and talking something else.  😦

OK, this post all about “Google Translate for Tamil”. Recently Google added Tamil into their Translate tool that helps to read anything(% wise) in Tamil also Tamil to other languages. This is I expected from Google for a long time not only for read anything in Tamil but also it’ll help to survive the language.

The funny part of it is, reading the famous websites in Tamil, really funny when we read it with grammar mistakes :). specially i enjoyed reading my own blog in Tamil.

Some of the famous websites in Tamil – First Time 🙂

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Why do I write this post – No reasoN

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[Abstract]    This is a boring post and talks about how I involved with blog writing habit;  give a low priority to read or DON’T READ. 😉

During the training period at IFS I started the blog writing as my temporary habit to increase the fun. Because most of the guys like us working in a software field, sit in-front of computer and spending 1/3 of our day to chat with computer. Sitting in the same place and working with computer might put stress on our head and our face will be progressed as a _____ [Fill the blank] face :). That’s why most of the software companies have some fun time to entertain their BULLS. 😉 don’t get angry guys . . . .









When i started this process I never expected any response from public and thought that I’ll be the only one gonna read my blog. But some amazing thing happened, there was 2 or 3 readers came to see me through per day and recent days it reached upto 10. Initially I started this habit for fun, but after I got bad [and some good] 😉  response from web people, it inspired me and became the reason for continue my blogging.

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🙂 Start your blog NOW   🙂   HAPPY Blogging  🙂


How many blogs do you have?

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i have been started this poll because now a days everyone get involve in blogs and it’s a amazing thing to share their ideas and opinions. i recommend you to have a blog. if you are bored or depressed by something, don’t worry about that just write a post and publish it on your blog . it can be a anonymous blog if you really don’t like to show yourself to the world. if you start to maintain a blog then you will get and feel the amazing things ….

i will discuss the benefit of having a blog in another post …

here i made a poll …. try it .. 😉