EyEs ChEaT yOuR bRaIn – Illusion

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Have Fun 🙂


Why do i love eBay !!!!

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There are lots of things happening in the world, but we can’t catch and put everything into our head, but we need to get and add something which may make some good impact on us. Like the topic I’m gonna talk there are lot of things available in the internet but how many people facilitated by those features!! That’s the question here . . .   🙂

My second experience on eBay – Not first   😉

My second purchase was mobile phone screen protector. I’m using LG KM900 and searched for the screen protected for a long time but couldn’t find a best match product for my phone, so I googled the product. Fortunately I found a link that redirected me to eBay. I totally amused when I show it!!! Can you believe that the price was just $1 with free shipping, yaaa. another great thing was I couldn’t find any screen protector less than $.75 in the local market that fairly match with my phone screen but eBay offered me not one or two, they offered 3 screen protector that perfectly match with my phone just for $1.  :-0

Before make the transaction there are some constrains that may put us under uncomfortable situation like credit card payment, quality of product, authentic of product and ect. But up to now the transactions I made are great without any fault. 😉

PS: Please note that I’m not making any advertisement for eBay. I got some benefits from eBay and really satisfied with their service also saved significant amount of money. This’s the reason behind this post  😛


Animated Optical Illusions –

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Really amazing work 😉    …  makes me wondering   :)..

Another reason for Ubuntu – Ubuntu One

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For a long time there was a fight between my data and hard disk. My hard disk won’t keep the data for more than 1 year. Always it gives some trouble and all my data will be lost. Actually it’s not hard disk trouble it’s mine 🙂 .
so I would like go for web storage solution. I found some good sites and they provide enough free space but the problem I faced was uploading the data to the server. They don’t allow me to use any ftp client (like FileZilla) to upload the files and some sites asked to install their client to upload the files. Both methods make me sad and it’s not the solution I’m searching for. But there must be a solution for our problem , , ,  the solution is Ubuntu One . .
  • The Ubuntu One provides up to 2GB web storage if you want you can purchase more storage.
  • No need to install any additional client softwares. with a single click you can synchronize the folder with server.
  • Easy to share the files with others

there are many features available in Ubuntu One. just Google it for more information . .

Here  i attached a cool video . . . just watch it 😉

How To Create a WordPress Theme . .

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Nowadays i really interested on WordPress CMS(Content Management System). it’s a great tool that make our work easier to build a website with in a minute, also provide a web blog with [your blog name] domain.

not only the WordPress CMS, the WordPress themes also amazing compare to other blog or CMS so i started to follow a tutorial to learn how to create WordPress themes with the help of Ian …

To check it, click here . . . . Start your own one … 😉

How many blogs do you have?

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i have been started this poll because now a days everyone get involve in blogs and it’s a amazing thing to share their ideas and opinions. i recommend you to have a blog. if you are bored or depressed by something, don’t worry about that just write a post and publish it on your blog . it can be a anonymous blog if you really don’t like to show yourself to the world. if you start to maintain a blog then you will get and feel the amazing things ….

i will discuss the benefit of having a blog in another post …

here i made a poll …. try it .. 😉