Why do I write this post – No reasoN

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[Abstract]    This is a boring post and talks about how I involved with blog writing habit;  give a low priority to read or DON’T READ. 😉

During the training period at IFS I started the blog writing as my temporary habit to increase the fun. Because most of the guys like us working in a software field, sit in-front of computer and spending 1/3 of our day to chat with computer. Sitting in the same place and working with computer might put stress on our head and our face will be progressed as a _____ [Fill the blank] face :). That’s why most of the software companies have some fun time to entertain their BULLS. 😉 don’t get angry guys . . . .









When i started this process I never expected any response from public and thought that I’ll be the only one gonna read my blog. But some amazing thing happened, there was 2 or 3 readers came to see me through ajithsrikukan.wordpress.com per day and recent days it reached upto 10. Initially I started this habit for fun, but after I got bad [and some good] 😉  response from web people, it inspired me and became the reason for continue my blogging.

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🙂 Start your blog NOW   🙂   HAPPY Blogging  🙂



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