Month: May 2010

Beautiful Sri Lanka – Amaya Lake

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Sri Lanka is one of the most beautiful place in the world. i don’t know how many people agree with this but i agree with 100% . Most of the people go to foreign countries to spend their holiday. I think the reason may be – they are not aware of beauty of Sri Lanka.

Last week we  had a trip to Amaya Lake –  one of the greatest entertainment place i never seen before 😉 . It was organized by IFS and i’m an intern at IFS so i also got a chance to have a great time with IFS people at Amaya Lake.

We had a lot of fun activities . . .  New year games, Cricket, baseball, Swimming – i learnt to swim within two days with the help of our guys 🙂  . . .

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Nothing gonna replace our Motherland beauty – I love Sri Lanka

Distance lands enhancements to the view 😉 . . . . . .


Ubuntu – In my Mother tongue – Tamil

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I’m a big fan of Ubuntu 🙂 and i always excited about their new release – 6 months period cycle. now i’m far away from Windows 7 that doesn’t mean i’m expert in Ubuntu 😉 but i can drive Ubuntu to do my works. Ubuntu fixed my problems and it makes me comfortable so now i’m not under headache (sorry windows) :P.

Yesterday i taught Ubuntu to write Tamil ;)so it display everything(almost) in Tamil. The Tamil words are soooooo fun

Have a try

I’m not in GSoC 2010 list , , Why – FUN

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This year i applied for Google Summer of Code but fortunately 😉 I wasn’t selected to GSoC 2010. so i planned to do a research to find out the reason behind this fortunate story.

some of them are,

  1. I don’t know the mentor for my project but I am pretty sure that there was a mentor has been assigned to that project idea.
  2. I didn’t send any single mail to WordPress mailing list but I strongly believe that I sent the proposal to GSoC site.
  3. I don’t know the exact solution for this problem but I gave a good solution which surly makes some improvement on their system.
  4. I got a feedback from someone (may be he/she would be the mentor) but I replied after 3 days because of laziness (actually it’s not laziness, I don’t know what to reply)
  5. I didn’t know that there was a subscription button in GSoC proposal site and i forgot that button so i didn’t get any mails from GSoC also i never checked GSoC proposal site after i uploaded my proposal.

There are many  . . . . .

😉  ____________________________________________________________________________________ 😉