Integrate social [twitter,blogger,wordpress,flicker,youtube] feeds with your Website

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Social, Socialize, Socialized . . . .

Nowadays if you visit any websites you will see some fancy icons that connects the site to their social sites.  Around 4 or 5 yeas back there is no such things exist but now it’s all over the internet.

This blog post describes about social site integration not as icon but as a feed, which means fetch the social updates from you social website and display it in your website. All the things are done with the help of JavaScript, and jQuery libraries.

There are lots of JavaScript/jQuery libraries to do this and here I’ll list some of those libraries I used,

Twitter feeds

seaofclouds twitter plugin  The feeds can be fetched by user name or key word also it comes with the style sheet that provides lot more styles.


          avatar_size: 32,
          count: 4,
          query: "",
          loading_text: "searching twitter..."

Flicker feeds

jFlickrFeed – It also provide more control to customize the view of the photos. As well as it has some nice features like applying nice border to photos and make a photo slide show.

	limit: 14,
	qstrings: {
		id: '44802888@N04'
	'<li>' +
		'<a href="{{image_b}}"><img src="{{image_s}}" alt="{{title}}" /></a>' +

Blog feeds

RSS to Javascript Generator – You can generate the feed script by filling the requirements. It’s a single line script that run from their site and return the feeds of your bog.

But if you want more control over your fees and style, i think zRSSFeed will be better choice.

zRSSFeed – As i said earlier this feed reader plug-in has more control over feeds(no of feeds, including header or not, time format and etc) and style.

$('#myBlogFeedDev').rssfeed('', {
    limit: 5

YouTube feeds

Refer to this site : YouTube Data API via JSON: embedding videos in your site

As the code described in this website, it provides a facility to style the content as well as you can change the size of the video, number of videos to display and etc.

Click here for Demo          Happy Social Coding :)

I’m looking for Facebook and LinkedIn feed readers. Once I found I’ll share it. If you got it first please provide the  links as comment :)

Everyone should be a little bit of Geek :) – Who want to repair their Samsung Galaxy S II *

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Geek – A person with an eccentric devotion to a particular interest.

Learning new things including the things not related to us, will usually help to improve our life + life style.

Geek, being as a geek is different where they know most of the real and imaginary world things :). But as a human being, we should be a little bit of geek so that will really help to improve our life or at-least reducing our cost of living. The reason why I’m saying this is, every day I see lots of people with problem where those problem can be solved by theirself by taking a single step forward into that problem , but most of the time that problem goes to third party to solve.

Here is one experiment that i faced recently,

My friend’s Galaxy S II got some OS problem that will cost $40 and minimum of 1 Day to solve it by authorized Service Center but if you are a little bit Geek, it’ll cost $0 and 1 Hour.

How to replace your Galaxy S II OS

Another experiment, This time it’s a hardware problem that will cost $210 but if you can put little bit of effort, you can finish that job for $ 120 with your self-satisfaction :).

Note: Those hardware parts can be purchased through online (Eg: ebay)

So whenever you got a problem, first try to solve it in a Geek perspective. If geek-gorithm not working then go for alternative ways.

* This post content not applicable to everyone & most of the time it won’t work this way :)

Why Android phone over iPhone . . .

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Hi World :

I hope this post will help to figure out the suitable smart phone for you,

In early 2007, Apple entered into mobile market with there first iPhone, then  the world started to rotate with Apple product where people started to forget the word phone and entered into smartphone world. I also inside the people and I was too crazy about the iPhone even knowing that it’s only a dream for me to have a iPhone.

In late 2008, Android entered to marked with the support of Google and other mobile phone manufactures. Then the iPhone world got slow and the world started to rotate with Android and most of the people’s smartphone dream came true with Android smart phones including me.

At the time everything in my hand to go for a smart phone there are many investors surrounded me by their best offers including Apple , Samsung . So now is the time to analyze the choices to pick one :)

Finally I sorted the list, Samsung Galaxy S2 vs Apple iPhone 4s   and the funny reasons go here and hope it’ll help to find our your smartphone . . .  :)

  • If your English knowledge better than Apple Siri’s English knowledge, Sorry guys Apply have to do more research on Siri’s brain to increase its knowledge
  • If you don’t want to mes-sup the things with your life and if you are really like to spend your time with your family and friends, Go for Android otherwise Siri will make you alone.
  • If you are open mind person and you want to share each and everything with your friends over Bluetooth or WiFi and if you want to be a master of your smart phone which is like to rock :)
  • If you are really enjoy free apps world and you want to be a a part of smart phone world then Android is the best choice. It has thousands of free free apps (lesser than Apple’s apps :) ).
  • The growth of Android

:) Happy Blogging :)

Select and Move Objects/Points using OpenCV – Drag and Drop

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If you have a passion in image processing and computer animations, this post will be interesting . This post explains how to use the  OpenCV to select and move the objects.

 Before the explanations, watch this video to get the idea.

As you can see, the controls are based on the mouse movements and clicks.

  • So first need to implement the mouse-handler that comes with OpenCV – cvSetMouseCallback
    • Left button down – select the object of clicked point – findImg( x, y)
    • Left button up – release the object if there any objects has been picked – releaseImg(selectedImg,x,y);
    • On mouse move – move the selected object with mouse
void mouseHandler(int event, int x, int y, int flags, void *param)

	switch(event) {
	case CV_EVENT_LBUTTONDOWN:		//left button press
		selectedImg=findImg( x, y);

	case CV_EVENT_LBUTTONUP:	//left mouse button release

		/* draw a rectangle*/
				temp = cvCloneImage(selectedImg);
					cvPoint(x - 1, y - 1),
					cvPoint(x + 1, y + 1),
					cvScalar(0, 0,  255,0), 2, 8, 0);

				//adjust the lines
				for(int i=0;i<nop;i++){
							cvPoint(x,y ),
							cvPoint(globalCoordinateX[i] , globalCoordinateY[i] ),
							cvScalar(0, 0,  255,0), 1,8,0);
				cvShowImage("Drag & Drop", temp);
  • Then implement the logics for the findImg( x, y) & releaseImg(selectedImg,x,y)  methods according to your requirements.
    •  Here i used an integer array to store the initial position of each object.
    • Then search for object using the x & y coordinates when there is a click.
    • when releasing the object update the integer array with released coordinate.
  • Finally call the cvSetMouseCallback( “Drag & Drop”, mouseHandler, NULL ) to activate the mouse handler to the window. where;
    • “Drag & Drop” – the OpenCV window name
    • mouseHandler – the mouse handler function name.
Check the links for demo and source

Happy reading and animation  :) .

Tips for creating posters using MS Word

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This post talks about, “Tips for create posters using Microsoft Word” if you don’t have any experiences with other tools like Photoshop or Gimp.

Word 2007/2010 improved a lot compare to its previous releases. Here I share some of the features that I know . . .

  • First setup the poster format.
  • Used text boxes to write texts. Text box has the feature of adding backgrounds and nice borders that make more attractive the poster.
    • Especially when describing project components use text box.
  • Use some nice picture for the background.
  • Use the picture styles.
  • Use MS Word Illustrations whenever needed.
Recently i experienced with creating a poster for my final year project. Initially I started with some

 graphic editing tool and faced a hard time to make the poster within a limited time :). Suddenly got a thought of “Why don’t I work with the tool that I used for documentation”….  yap, that led me to pick MS word even i never used it to graphic editing purposes.

Happy Poster :)

Read anything in Tamil – Google Translate

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Read my blog in Tamil :)

Tamil is one of the beautiful langue in the world but most of the time the people involved in IT field or in higher position not using their mother language frequently even communicate with same mother language person.

There many be some reason for that,,, OK just leave it … Ohhh know i forgot the reason for this post and talking something else.  :(

OK, this post all about “Google Translate for Tamil”. Recently Google added Tamil into their Translate tool that helps to read anything(% wise) in Tamil also Tamil to other languages. This is I expected from Google for a long time not only for read anything in Tamil but also it’ll help to survive the language.

The funny part of it is, reading the famous websites in Tamil, really funny when we read it with grammar mistakes :). specially i enjoyed reading my own blog in Tamil.

Some of the famous websites in Tamil – First Time :)

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How to activate the “use presenter view” using only one monitor in Power Point 2010

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Some people may face this problem, activating the “use the presenter view” in power point with single monitor.

I found a way to get it work, here the trick goes,

  • Press Windows key + P in your keyboard. You may get something like this

  • Select Extend view
  • Now go to your power point and you can see the check box “use the presenter view” will be activated.
  • Click on check box

  • In the “Show on” drop box select the monitor(Monitor 2) that you want to show the presentation, then other monitor(Primary Monitor) will be the presenter monitor.
  • Press f5 to start the presentation and you will end up with this,

** It works for me.  :)

Happy presentation.  ;)